How To Choose Right Meat Slicer

19 Oct 2015 07:39

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As Christmas is coming soon, I want to buy a really good meat slicer for salumi as a gift. I made some deep research and found lots of information. Most of meat slicer can be used for large slicing jobs, such as meats, nuts and tough vegetables. They are not only for slicing salumi. Here are some top things you should consider when you’re in the market to choose the right meat slicer.


Safety: it’s the first thing you need to concern. Today’s meat slicers come with many features to make sure the safety, especially in these automatic meat slicers. You can find a no volt release on this kind of model that is needed to be pushed the button to slice after switching on the power. It makes sure the safety when you clean the meat slicer as well.

Sizes: Most of meat slicers will range from 8 to 14 inches. For small slicing job, models with 10 inches will be good. For professional use, we highly recommend a meat slicer with 12 or 14 inch that can handle the heavy kitchen jobs.

Blade: The thickness of the meat is determined by the blade. They come from a wide range of choices. You can choose the paper thin or 2-3 inch as well. They depend on the requirement of your recipes.

Storage: As we mentioned, meat slicer range from different sizes. So you need to consider storage inconveniences and your kitchen space. The tip is measuring the height of the meat slicer and compared with the height of the storage cupboard shelf.

Speed: The last thing in the list. The bigger the device, the more speed functions it will have. Simple and small machines come with few settings. For big slicing job, a big meat slicer is the best option even it will be expensive. In most cases, the horsepower of the motor decides the speed of the meat slicer. So choose the automatic meat slicer that have a powerful motor.

There are many other factors you need to consider as well, such as brand. A reliable brand make sure the quality of the meat slicer. The top three brands are: EdgeCraft, Waring and Chard. At last, I decide the EdgeCraft 610 Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer is my choice as its functionality and flexibility. I love it so far!

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